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How laminated windshields help in fuel efficiency

July 10, 2015
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twitter-resizeWhile driving a car in India, there are two major issues of concern which define actions taken by car-owners. One is safety, because we value our lives and those of our friends and families. The second one is fuel consumption. With the rise in cost for fuel, the efficiency is required to be the best. While buying or using a car, one of the highest deciding factors is fuel efficiency.

Windshield Experts provides the best solution which helps in both fuel efficiency of your car as well as the safety of the occupants. Laminated glass is a safety glass that still holds the pieces in case of breakage. It is manufactured by making an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) between the layers of glass.

Laminated glass helps in boosting the fuel efficiency of the car. Since air cooling uses significant amount of fuel, adopting laminated glass reduces the heating up of the car and thus minimizing the burden on your vehicle’s cooling system. Tests conducted, have shown that using laminated glass instead of the standard glass helps in lowering the temperature by 6-7 degree C. The owner can also choose to use an infrared coating on the glass which further makes it better to park your car in the sun. Reduced workload on air conditioner equals better fuel efficiency.

Another factor of laminated glass that improves the fuel consumption is the light weight of the glass. The demand for light weight products is increasing every day since it makes the performance of the vehicle better. For every 0.5mm thickness reduction in the windshield, there is a 3kg per meter square reduction in the weight. Thus using laminated glass reduces the overall weight and saves fuel.

Other than this, Laminated glass provides many more benefits. It is very strong and proves to be difficult to break, giving safety to the occupants of the car. Due to the ability to hold its pieces when cracked, minimizes the damage and adds to the safety in case of breakage.

Another such advantage of using laminated glass is the noise reduction. Keeping the car away from outside noise, traveling by car becomes quieter and more comfortable. People can talk or enjoy the music even better when there is less noise and disturbance.

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