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6 Benefits of Solar Control Glass for Cars

August 18, 2017
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Summer’s scorching heat, flurries of dust and dirt and the occasional rain can take a toll on your vehicle. High temperatures also affect optimum functionality of the air conditioner, which further leads to uncomfortable conditions.

To tackle all heat related issues, solar control glass is a one stop solution. It not only reduces heat inside the car but also blocks harmful Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) rays.

These laminated car windshields comprise of two sheets of glass with a special plastic interlayer, like poly-vinyl-butyrl (PVB), in between to increase its strength. Solar control glass takes it a step further and the plastic interlayer is teamed with an extra layer that absorbs or reflects up to 99% UV and IR rays.

Solar Control Glass

Here we list a few benefits of this highly-effective glass to beat the heat:

Improved Fuel Efficiency

By reducing A/C usage by 10 to 15 % solar control glass improves fuel efficiency and lowers carbon dioxide emissions. This leads to a decrease in load for the air conditioner and you end up saving on fuel costs.

Superior Comfort

Parking under shade is always preferred, but not always possible. The accumulated heat takes a while to dissipate and you have to suffer meanwhile. The solar coated windshield absorbs the Sun’s Infrared (IR) rays that cause excessive heat and brings down the interior temperature of the vehicle and increases cabin comfort. Auto glass specialists like Windshield experts in Noida, and other cities, always recommend solar control glass for your car windshield.

Longer Upholstery Life

After prolonged exposure to sunlight, it’s unbearable to sit inside the car or even hold the steering. Moreover, the harsh sun light can gradually mar the look of the upholstery. Solar control glass protects the upholstery from repeated exposure to high temperatures. Additionally, it protects other items you keep in your car like sunglasses, keys, water bottle etc.

UV Protection

The harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun can cause various problems. It may cause tanning, sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and eye damage and skin cancer in some cases. Solar control glass blocks up to 99% of solar radiation, providing benefits similar to that of SPF 50+ sunscreen.

No Signal Blocks

Have you ever faced low connectivity in your vehicle while in motion? It causes delay in reaching the location on time. With solar control glass you can be assured that all electric gadgets can be used with uninterrupted reception. Now you can communicate in your car without disturbance.

Better Electric Vehicle Range

Electric cars are the vehicles of the future. While they’re environment friendly and provide great mileage, a little extra never hurts. Solar glass permeates the inner temperature. With reduced A/C load, electric vehicles can extend their travel distance.

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