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Cheap Ways to Fix a Cracked Windshield

September 23, 2019
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Taking a long drive in your car is a delightful feeling until a rock hits the windshield and leaves an ugly crack. Besides being visually unattractive, there are a couple of reasons why a cracked car glass is harmful. 

A Cracked Windshield is a Problem

Windshields are necessary for maintaining the structural integrity of a car. A broken windshield can often result in dents on the pane; there is a high chance that a small crack will enlarge due to further impact. The problem with a cracked car glass is that it results in poor visibility for the driver. At night, the crack coupled with the darkness might be fatal. The same holds true for winters, when one cannot afford poor driving vision along with low visibility. Moreover, if water enters the inner lamination and freezes in the cold, the windshield might crack abruptly, proving harmful.

Another problem is that modern cars have cameras and other driver-assistance equipment fixed behind the windshield that may get damaged due to a crack. Without them, the vehicle may not be able to function.

If the car glass chip is small, you can certainly prolong the windshield’s life by limiting the damage. But if there is a definite need to repair the windshield, you must engage professional help. 

Get Professional Help

With most modern cars featuring advanced driver-assistance functionalities, it is not just the windshield that may be damaged with a crack. Cameras, radar sensors, ultrasonic bumpers, and monitors placed behind the windshield are also sensitive to shocks.  If you see the crack expanding, take your vehicle to an auto glass professional. If the windshield is beyond repair and needs a replacement, professional help is absolutely necessary.

Contact AIS Windshield Experts, windshield repair and replacement professionals that use modern tools and observe stringent safety protocols. Only with professional assistance, you will be able to preserve the windshield’s structure.

Windshield repair is both cost-effective and convenient if done right. At AIS Windshield Experts, we specialise in car glass repair and replacement. Being India’s first and most popular car glass repair and replacement experts, we use the latest technology to repair and replace car glass of all kinds and ensure the safety of all other equipment in your car. We follow a “Repair First” policy, replacing the windshield only if the damage is severe. Come to AIS Windshield Experts for quick and hassle-free windshield repair and replacement services.

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